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Debi Wilson

General Manager, Lane Electric Cooperative

“The Snake River dams are critical to providing sustainable, low cost, carbon-free power to rural areas throughout the pacific northwest, like those served by Lane Electric Cooperative. We rely on the hydropower that fuels 90 percent of the region’s needs with no other dependable, sustainable options. While wind and solar hold wonderful promise, they simply can’t power the grid alone. We must let our elected officials know that removal of these important resources will lead to the destabilization of our rural communities. Please join us in pledging to protect northwest hydropower.”

Roman Gillen

President/CEO, Consumers Power Inc.

“Politics and power and inextricably linked. The larger our collective voice, the more effective we are at influencing legislative outcomes to the benefit of our members. Commitment, persistence, and action are critical elements of our efforts to build an effective collective voice.”

Bob Durham

Director, Wasco Electric Cooperative Inc.

“We represent our consumers/owners in multiple arenas. We try to keep electricity reliable and economical while serving our local communities.”

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